Integrated Illumination System

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  • Project: Integrated Illumination System
  • Date: January 2009 - October 2009


Completely Web based Light Programming: Configure the whole lighting in the building via a web interface from anywhere. Many aspects are controlled by uploading video clips, so giving the building a new look is as easy as uploading a clip to youtube.


The Web interface completely replaces the traditional light desk. All Lamps are mapped out on a web pages most of them on a floor plan of the building. Lamps can be controlled by selecting with the mouse and controlling Brightness and RGB-colors with simple on screen controls.


All Media can be integrated into the system via a flexible vvvv-patch abstracting away the different particularities. Sound, Lights, RGB-LED Wall Panels, RGB and RGBAW Lamps, Fluorescent Tubes, Monitors, Projectors, Moving Curtains, Car-Turntables etc. can be integrated and controlled with simple web page controls. technically this is handled completely transparent by many industry standard protocols like DMX, DALI, Artnet, TCP/IP, UDP, Contact Switches, SoundWeb, RS232, HTTP and many more.


Intelligent lighting typically include many individual fixtures which are very tedious to program individually. The vvvv-patch allows for grouping these fixtures into logical blocks, which embed additional intelligence and which are controlled by carefully designed high-level parameters.


Intelligent Fixtures and Devices have many different ways to power down, which consume different amounts of power even when the device simply looks like switched off. The vvvv-patch includes logic automatically switch to the most energy efficient mode – the designer just need to specify the color black, and the system will know how to power down.


All color reproducing devices have different visual characteristics which lead to different color impressions. This is especially true for LED products which have a much richer color range than TFT monitors. Especially with the advent of Lamps including additional LEDs for the colors white and amber, this becomes a very complex process. To get consistent and vivid colors, module for color space conversion and trilinear color correction are included. The trilinear color correction goes way beyond traditional color/brightness/gamma controls and allows individual HLS adjustment (hue luminance saturation) of up to 512 reference colors. This process can be repeated every year to respond to the different aging properties of the devices.
Colors are internally handled as high dynamic range floating point values where possible, to retain full color precision in all calculations.

HIERACHY OF ABSTRACTIONS into Presets, Scenes and Playlists.

Presets are the basic Building Blocks, like a smooth orange wave covering the LED walls, or a scene to focus the light on the cars in the windows. Presets can be combined into Scenes; so a series of these Presets can be arranged to the narrative of a video on the Plasma displays. Finally a playlist can be arranged to collect scenes of a specific mood for daytime, special events, evenings, energy-saving programme in the night etc.

The MESO Team: Sebastian Oschatz, Matthias Wollin, David Brüll, Sascha Hanßen, Sebastian Huber, Andreas Karlen

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