MINI Social Media Station Beijing 2014

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  • Project: MINI Social Media Station Beijing 2014
  • Date: February 2014 - April 2014
  • Client: BMW Group
  • Partner: Meir├ę GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne (Idea, Art Direction)
  • Location: Beijing, PRC
  • Tasks: Interface Concept, Interface Design, Programming

MINI asked us to create a way for the visitors of the highly successful Bodypaint your MINI exhibit, where users can virtually “paint” on cars, to share their artworks on social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter. We created a touchscreen app for a large vertical monitor, where all the most recent paintings from the exhibit and live photos from a WiFi connected DSLR camera were collected. Visitors could select the pictures they liked and send them via mail or directly open and share them right from their smartphones with a QR code or a simple URL. For Beijing we also added Weibo and Weixin, China’s favorite social media channels at that time.

(Jump to 01:25 to see the Social Media Station in action. Or rather watch the whole clip, it’s fun!)

The approach was so successful that we have installed that station on multiple car fairs since then, as well as in the “BMW Welt” in Munich and on other exhibits as well.

Again we used our favorite frontend development environment HTML5/CSS3/Javascript for this user interface, and Ruby on Rails driving the data in the background.

The PC on site were equipped with a complete GIT stack so we could update them from remote, and of course statistics were collected with our own “telemeter” statistics server, replacing Piwik as our main stats engine.
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