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Ammon | Schuster | Wollin
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60329 Frankfurt am Main
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  • Project: Designer Profile
  • Date: February 2007
  • Client: Birkhäuser Verlag, Switzerland
  • Tasks: Online conception, graphic design, programming, support

Designers and companies using design services alike face the problem to find each other when they need to find a project partner. Ever so often the decision for a designer is driven rather by personal connections or the publicity rate of an agency, not so much by the question if the designer fits to the given task and has enough experience in the field of work. Here the book “Designer Profile” by swiss publisher “Birkäuser” (the same people that publish form magazine) comes to aid, presenting designers from all kinds of fields in an attractive way.

The website Designer Profile online supplements the book with a searchable database of all agencies and studios contained therein.

The startpage shows a random selection of all entries as well as the most recent newcomers. Each agency presents itself with an elegant image gallery and flexible informations like philosophy, number of employeesa and prizes won. And best of all they can edit that information anytime using our online content management system aspekt:ratio that gives the designer the possibility to create a representative minisite in no time.

The design of the website resembles the topic “design”, but at the same time must give the individual (and often colorful) design works shown there enough room and visual autonomy. So the framework is designed in poster style that shows actuality by itself, while the entries on the white background have a space of their own to develop visually. The modular design concept also enables us to create a new framework matching the current book design while keeping the inner part for the studios intact.

Designer Profile
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