Mercedes-Benz Galleries in Munich and Berlin

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  • Project: Mercedes-Benz Galleries in Munich and Berlin
  • Date: January 2009 - October 2009
  • Client: Atelier Markgraph GmbH
  • Location: Berlin, Munich

Under the creative lead of and commissioned by Atelier Markgraph MESO Digital Interiors and MESO Web Scapes joined forces with the development and implementation of an integrated illumination system; for the Mercedes-Benz Galleries, the first one opened at the end of March 2009 in Munich, the second one in Berlin in October 2009.

For this we developed a web based front end to a vvvv-based playout-system and scheduling system so that all LED lights, conventional light fixtures, plasma monitor sources, projectors (including curtains) and sound tracks can be changed and programmed by the client without having to deal with light desks and multiple devices. As a special feature video content can be uploaded and the mood of the space responds automatically to the colors of the video.

More information at our integrated illumination system product web site
More images at the Atelier Markgraph web site

The MESO-Team: Sebastian Oschatz, Markus Wolf, Mathias Wollin, David Brüll, Sebastian Huber, Sascha Hanßen, Andreas Karlen

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