NODE08 – Exhibition

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Gutleutstraße 96
60329 Frankfurt am Main
++49 69 24 00 03 33
  • Project: NODE08 – Exhibition
  • Date: April 2008
  • Partner: Satis&Fy, vvvv group, markgraph, DIC, DIS, Mainova, SEB-Bank

Exhibition Hall in the Diakoniekirche Frankfurt

Just a couple of minutes walk away from the Festival Base you found the main exhibition hall in the Weißfrauen Diakoniekirche. Mainly works by artists working in the field of digital media filled the venerably room of the former parish hall. Beside the NODE08 Cinema, which can be described als a permanent project screening, the following artists have been showing their work in or outside of the Diakoniekirche.

Aperiodic Vertebrae 2 theverymany (Marc Fornes & Skylar Tibbits) Unbekannte Automaten Christian Riekoff and Andreas Schmelas Attack & Swap Benedikt Groß Endo – installative sensoric object Verena Friedrich Epizentrum Martin Zeplichal The Human Factor Eno Henze Similar Diversity Philipp Steinweber and Andreas Koller Tagtool OMA International (M. Dorninger & R. Radlherr) WiiWiiWiiWii Claudio Midolo, Edgar Castellanos, Natan Sinigaglia and Pedro Mari Wippe Lena Zhdanova and Sebastian Preis Mix u up Abraham Manzanares, Javier Lloret, Jordi Puig and Paola R. Salillas.

Exhibits at the Festival Base and other Venues

Other installtions could be seen in the lower level of the Festival Base in the Velvet Club and other venues.

Life is short Pinar Yoldas Schallplatten Jens Fischer, Sebastian Pforr, Jennifer Schaper, Jan Snippen, Zen Station Jannis Kreft Frankfurter Impuls Echo – Kommunikatin im Raum and MESO Digital Interiors Progress Bar MESO Digital Interios and Satis & Fy Digital Slaves gives Facades new life The French collective Digital Slaves ( did two facade mappings. One directly ont he opposite site of the Festival Base and the other one in the Allerheiligenstrasse in Frankfurt.

NODE08 – Forum for digital Arts / VVVV Community meeting

More than just the first large-scale vvvv user meeting

NODE08 - Badgets
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