Björn Schwarzer

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  • Position: Project Management & Interaction Design
  • Phone: ++49 69 24 00 03 29
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Below you see a list of projects Björn Schwarzer has been working on for MESO Digital Interiors

Amstel Pulse Drums
Electronic drums to create music visuals
Audi Efficiency Exhibit
Exhibit for Audi at Geneva Motor Show 2009
BMW Motoren-kompetenz
Robotic Scale for Efficiency and Dynamics
A panoramic reactive movie for the Mainova head quarter
FAO Save Food
Interactive Visualization on Global Food Waste and Food Loss.
Foyer Installation for Novartis
A multifunctional three monitor greeting installation
Inside: SZ-Magazin
Screen shaping for The Design Annual.
Interactive Table for SonyEricsson
Interactive Table for SonyEricsson
ITV Creative Rooms
Collaborative digital media tools for a creative room
Jardín de las Ideas
The Word of Ideas – make a wish for a special place on earth.
Lufthansa Airbus A380
Interactive Exhibits for the new Lufthansa A380 Airbus
Media facade for Zeilgalerie
60000 ornamental LEDs and a few megapixels to go.
Mercedes Benz Exhibits
Software for Mercedes-Benz TBS and BlueTec Exhibits
Mercedes-Benz Exhibits
Exhibits for Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class
MINI Crossover Concept
A touch sensitive globe showing the new MINI Crossover Concept car
Motion Design on the Uniqa headquarter, Budapest
Motion Design on the Uniqa headquarter, Budapest
Portable Power Point Pilot
Wireless multi-user classroom and presentation tool
Salzzeitreise Salt Lab
A multiprojection on a model of the mine-shafts.
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