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MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
Oschatz / Wolf / Wollin
Gutleutstraße 96
60329 Frankfurt am Main
++49 69 2 40 00 30
  • Project: Essay
  • Date: July 2007
  • Client: Mainova AG
  • Partner: Satis&Fy AG
  • Location: Solmsstrasse 38, Frankfurt am Main

A panoramic reactive movie collection for the Mainova head quarter.
MESO Digital Interiors specified and developed a reactive media framework where the video material is not only massively panoramic – over 10000 pixels wide – but is furthermore augmented by using multiple layers of video, a smart rule of transition, and the silhouettes of the visitors as masks.
Starting from this simple set of conditions we curated a small group of young video artists, each of which prepared a his own, very peculiar set of panoramic movies. Visitors are able to explore the videos simply by moving in front of the screens.

Artists 2007: Markus Bader, Rolf Eckel, Eno Henze, Michael Höpfel / Jenny Michel and Jörg Ritter.

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