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Computer History at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Sebastian Oschatz hed a three day lectura about Computer History at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. As a practical exercise a 4bit adding machine was built.

Grenzgänger at HfG Offenbach

In 2004/05 Sebastian Oschatz was selected for the Heinz and Giesela Friedrichs Professorship at the Academy of Design Offenbach.

hfg5 Web System for HfG Offenbach

Conception and creation of a visually reduced but detailed web and collaboration system that suits the needs of both the people who work and study there and the ones that don’t (yet).


Interactive Media at Hochschule Darmstadt

Between 2005 and 2007 Sebastian Oschatz held courses Teaching Interactive Media at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.

SOUNDS: Würfelmusik (Tanja Hakl, Bettina Kleinmann, Christoph Quadt, Timo Strobel)

NODE08 – Exhibition

The NODE08 – Forum for Digital Arts Exhibitions with theverymany (Marc Fornes & Skylar Tibbits), Christian Riekoff and Andreas Schmelas, Benedikt Groß, Verena Friedrich, Martin Zeplichal, Eno Henze, Phillip Steinweber and Andreas Koller, Sebastian Oschatz and many more.

Aperiodic Vertebrae 2 - theverymany

NODE08 – Forum for digital Arts / VVVV Community meeting

More than just the first large-scale vvvv user meeting

NODE08 - Badgets

NODE08 – Lectures

Along with the vvvv group (Sebastian Oschatz, Max Wolf, Joreg and Sebastian Gregor), a line of renowned speakers (Casey Reas, Herbert W. Franke, Paul Prudence, Verena Kuni, Regine Debatty, Mark Fornes & Skylar Tibbits and Berthold Scharrer) provided insights to their works and domains on April 8th 2008, moderated by Eno Henze.

Eno Henze was moderating the lecture day

NODE08 – Workshops

Over six days during the NODE08 – Forum for digital Arts, the vvvv developers as well as a great part of the most distinguished and most obsessed vvvv users imparted their methods and techniques in a string of workshops.

Workshop action
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